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Doula Danielle's reviews



My husband and I were blessed to come across Danielle's website when we did. My husband serves in the United States Coast Guard and we were relocated to California from Virginia not too long ago. We are expecting our first child and it was important to us to find a doula to help guide and support us through this new phase of our lives. Especially since all of our close friends and family will not physically be here with us.

From the beginning Danielle has shown her professionalism. She is always quick to respond to any questions or concerns we may have and she is very open and supportive of the decisions we have made in regards to our birth plan. It is clear that she loves being a doula and connecting with the community. She has a way of making you feel very comfortable every time you meet with her.

We could not be happier to have her on our birth team and to have her help postpartum!

Posted 5/20/2013



I found Danielle Rich when I was looking for someone who dose Placenta Encapsultion. When we started talking  she told me about her volunteer work she dose for family who revive wic or cal works. We click automatically. She was the perfect match for me when it came time for me to give birth. I wanted an unmediated all natural birth. She keep in close touch with me as it got closer to my due date and as it came and went. When I finally did go into labor she sadly miss it become I went to fast for her to get to the hospital in time. Well I just got to the hospital in time. But knowing that I could give birth the way I wanted to. Knowing that I had my son in les then 15 minutes after showing up at the hospital. She made it there to help me breastfeed my son for the first time! She stayed with me riltill I was moved into the mommy and baby room at that point she went home to encapsulate my placenta. 


Elisa Dine

Danielle was a life saver.  Her support and organization during the birth planning for my son Hero was a great help.  She was such an advocate for what was needed and post partum care after my son's birth was such a great help.  I was hemorraging and the staff at the hospital were very neglegent and she was on it advocating for my care and providing assistance for weakness and support during the whole ordeal.  I am so grateful.  Thanks Danielle.

Posted 12/27/2014


"Danielle is friendly, informative and was a great resource. She helped my wife get her barings while I was at work and helped my slide back into taking care of my family."-Arram Abbott, husband

Teia Lassey

I am  volunteer for OSD . I helped Teia with 2 kids during a very stressful time during deployment and giving Teia a great deal of emotional support after her husband was seriuosly injured do to the war . I Danielle Rich was a military spouce of 20 years and have allot of knowledge , experiance , resourcful military information to help guide through stressfull time's and help family's feel at ease though transition .. your more then welcome to contact Danielle Rich : 3607913189 for more questions on OSD and free wavior on birth fee.

Donald Rich


I am a Culinary Chef at the Culinary Institute of America Restaurants in St. Helena, CA Campus,I have witnessed hands on Danielle doing Placenta Encapsultion with OSHA/ FOOD HANDERLERS REGULATIONS and BLOOD BORN SAFTY . As a Chef I would highly reccommend her as she treats the TCM method with love, respect and care and safty , clean enviroment. Danielle is a terrific postpartum doula , providing meal support especially in a time when no family is around Danielle is constant emotional support.



Emily Leport


I met Danielle about a week before I was due. She helped me out so much throught the week before and during my baby girls birth. She is great under pressure and I am very grateful for her being there for me. She kept me calm during my labour and is still there for me now after my daughters birth. I highly recommend Danielle for any women looking for a loving and caring doula for their babies birth. I will deffinitly have Danielle with me throughout future pregnancies and suggest everyone else to as well. 

Posted 5/16/2015

Justine and Eric

This review is for the postpartum/ Nanny ervices Danielle helped me out with for my 2 girls at last minute (5 months and 2 yrs).  I was very impressed by the research she did about caring for a newborn (feedings, changings and etc.)  and by making sure she had all the necessary information on my girls so that they would be comfortable with her.  She did different activities with my 2 year old and was active as well.  My girls were happy at the end of the day when I picked them up.  My 2 year old asked when she could go over to Danielle's house again.  I would definitely ask Danielle to watch my girls again :)

Posted 2/19/2015


Danielle saw a rash on my breast during one of our visits and thought it may be yeast. My mother, a midwife of 10+ years, had been trying to help me figure it out for days prior. Danielle encouraged me to see my doctor to confirm her suspicion, but suggested that I do a test patch with cotton swab using vinegar and baking soda to treat the rash. I took her advice and noticed an almost immediate relief. The itch was making it hard to take care of my baby to my fullest potential and I didn't want to go outside because it was so ugly-it had spread all over my body, ew. Since Danielle's suggestion I feel 10x better, my skin is clear, and my family is very grateful. I was glad I didn't have to go see my doctor, or use a harsh chemical or steriod ridden topical cream to relieve and eventually cure my ailment. Thank you Danielle for your quick thinking!


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Danielle Rich

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