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                                                                          Mission statement

It's your birth your choice ! My mission is to collaborate DONA's mission "A doula for every women" and apart of my mission is "Free service for those who qualify". All races, all religions ,radical, often unheard voices of birthing women. I'm a advocate,friend,birth coach,or just a ear to  share your birth story and create your dream birth with us. We celebrate the transformative power of birth in all its varied forms, and actively work together with you and promote safe, healthy, and empowering birth options for all spectrums . I acknowledging that im a full spectrum doula by experiance and education that expands its consciousness, scope of practice, and accessibility. Birth Guardians agree to give unconditional emotional, physical, and informational support to every woman regardless of her choices for childbirth. We hope to enable our doula-supported families a constant calming presence during labor.


    The mission is four-fold:
~ To increase public awareness about women's options in childbirth.
~ To provide a referral service to the community to promote access to doulas.
~ To provide continuing education and mutual support to it's members.
~ To network with other birth-related professionals.


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