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Postpartum doula

Postpartum doula services :


  •  support with breastfeeding

  • co-sleeping safty

  • Bottle feeding safety and techniques

  • Nurturing families with more than one infant

  • New mother care

  • New baby care

  • free service for those who qualify

  • Integrating the birth experience

  • The emotional transition of the new family

  • light house cleaning

  • over night stay to allow mother to sleep

  • community resources

  • Postpartum mood disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder support

  • Comforting touch for new mothers

  • sleep training

  • Comfort and care for new babies

  • meals

  • Placenta Encapsulation

  • Placenta prints

  • postpartum pictures with your camera or mine

  • 2 hours of postpartum care of your choice free included in the birth package.

  • unlimited access to lending library

  • cloth diaper support



   N.E.A.R CARE  nuture, educate, asst., refferal. When no one else is there to care.


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